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OStream is a program used to edit, capture, view, play, search and save media. Create slide shows and tutorials with lots of video effects and add music files to them. For that you can use the mkv, avi or mp4 output format with the MJPEG compression, raw I420 (YUV,4:2:0), MPEG4 ASP or MPEG4 AVC encoder and encode audio with MP3(layer3,mpeg1) in mp4 files.

Video: OStream

Update date: 2014:03:04 10:09:02

Downloads:    Source    Windows    Linux

O Compiler

O Compiler is a tool to compile O programming language code.

Video: O Compiler

Update date: 2014:03:04 10:09:01

Downloads:    Windows    Linux

Action Swf

Action Swf can create swf files. The program is a library made with O Language. A swf with actionscript example is in the package for o language,c and c++.

Video: Action Swf

Update date: 2014:03:04 10:08:59

Downloads:    Windows

Sun Position Wallpaper

Sun Position Wallpaper is a program to change the desktop backround according to the sun position: morning, day, evening and night.

Video: Sun Position Wallpaper

Update date: 2014:03:04 10:09:05

Downloads:    Source    Windows

Sound Recorder

Sound Recorder is a tool for recording sound on Windows and save as wav file.

Video: Sound Recorder

Update date: 2014:03:04 10:09:03

Downloads:    Source    Windows

Web Site Builder

Web Site Builder is a tool to have an overview for web pages, templates and page parts.

Video: Web Site Builder

Update date: 2014:04:12 12:22:30

Downloads:    Source    Windows

Hex Editor

Hex Editor is a raw data editor for Windows. You can create, modify, save data to a file; open a new window and do data exchange between files with copy-paste functionality and other functions.

Video: Hex Editor

Update date: 2014:03:04 10:09:00

Downloads:    Windows

Chat Rooms

Chatrooms is a irc chat client and it includes a videochat with sound program. Connect to a irc server from the popular irc servers list or by ip and port and join or create channels and talk with users. The videochat program works between two users, one is the host and other one is the client.

Video: Chat Rooms

Update date: 2014:03:04 10:09:00

Downloads:    Windows

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